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Since 2002, Simplifile has spearheaded the development of the
e-recording industry, growing the largest e-recording network in the nation – with the happiest customers.

Our team, our products, and our
e-recording services are second to none.

Simply put, we are a secure delivery liaison between counties and document submitters.
We provide an easy-to-use online service that speeds up the recording process, saves time and money,
and makes people smile along the way. We help people fall in love with e-recording.

That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

Work at Simplifile

We’ve built a team of talented, hard-working, and dedicated people.
If you fit that mold, we want to meet you.

I absolutely love, love, love Simplifile. The time it saves me is incredible. Before I either had to hand deliver my documents to our county ROD for recording or mail, and it could take several weeks for the documents to be returned. Now, all I do is scan, upload, and they’re back the same day; it saves my time, gas, postage and copy paper. The staff at Simplifile is knowledgeable, nice, helpful, and willing to get whatever issue I might have corrected and back to working smoothly.
Sharron P.
Bartlett Law Firm