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Real estate transactions. Simplified.

Since 2000, Simplifile has connected lenders, settlement agents, and counties by growing the largest connected network in the nation – with the happiest customers.

Our team, our products, and our
services are second to none.

From loan collaboration to e-recording and post closing, Simplifile offers an array of services in one place to help users securely share, record, and track documents, data, and fees with ease.

Simply put, we’re an electronic liaison between lenders, settlement agents, and counties, helping to streamline real estate and mortgage transactions while making our customers’ day-to-day work just a little bit easier.

That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

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I absolutely love, love, love Simplifile. The time it saves me is incredible. Before I either had to hand deliver my documents to our county ROD for recording or mail, and it could take several weeks for the documents to be returned. Now, all I do is scan, upload, and they’re back the same day; it saves me time, gas, postage and copy paper. The staff at Simplifile is knowledgeable, nice, helpful, and willing to get whatever issue I might have corrected and back to working smoothly.
Sharon P.
Bartlett Law Firm