Keeping Your Data Secure:
The Case Against Email

Email security is constantly making headlines. It seems a week doesn’t go by without a new phishing or ransomware scheme causing major problems for businesses and individuals. One of the most recent attacks, known as Wannacry, affected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries, according to CNET.

Every time one of these incidents occurs, security experts and IT professionals remind people to take precautions when handling email. This advice often includes strengthening spam filters, not opening attachments from unfamiliar sources, identifying common scam tactics, and implementing software to scan emails.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin – especially when you’re regularly using email to send and receive documents from outside sources. It’s hard to blame a settlement agent for opening an attachment from the fake John Smith with ABG Lending when they’ve been working all week with the real John Smith of ABC Lending. Read more…

May 16 Update: Automatic Recording Option, New Notifications, and More

New E-recording Features

All New Jersey cover pages now automated.

The state of New Jersey recently made a legislative change requiring all recordable documents to have a cover page. The majority of counties in New Jersey handle this cover page on their end. However, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Hudson, and Sussex counties require submitters to supply a cover page using their templates. We’ve added these cover pages to Simplifile so they will be added automatically when submitting to those counties.

Submitters may now print rejection reasons.

We’ve added back the ability to print the rejection reasons associated with a document. When viewing the reasons, you’ll find the print icon in the top right. Read more…

May 2 Update: Add Brokers to Collaboration, Post Closing Disbursement Verification, and More

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

Find new options for adding mortgage brokers to Collaboration.

We’re giving you flexibility to add more parties as contacts or to invite them to collaborate within Simplifile. Now, when adding a mortgage broker to the loan, you can search our broker network by company name, address, zip code, etc. If the contact isn’t in our network, you can quickly add them.

Brokers can now be invited to collaborate within Simplifile as well. Once they’ve set up an account, they’ll have access to all their loans in Simplifile. Read more…

Coming Soon: Better E-recording Reporting Options

In our next update to Simplifile E-recording we’ve made some improvements to reporting that we think you’ll like.

While currently running a report, you need to wait on the page as it loads, which can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of the report. In our next update, you’ll be able to leave the page while the report is running so you can continue working on other tasks.

When your report is ready, you’ll see a notification number next to Reports in the menu and find it marked as Completed in the new My Recent Reports section of the Reports page. This will update automatically if you remain on the page as well.

You’ll also find your 10 most recent reports in the list for easy download at any time.

Look for this new feature in our next update. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Email us at or use the “Send Feedback” feature within the application.

April 18 Update: Print or Download History and New Loan Status Labels

New E-recording Features

New print- and download-friendly Package and Document History added.

We’ve added options to create a CSV or PDF file of the data available on the History page.

Here’s an example of what a PDF report looks like:

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

Loan status labels have changed.

Based on feedback, we’ve changed the status labels to more closely match a loan’s lifecycle. Previously the status options were: Created, In Progress, Pending Final, and Archived. You’ll now see: Created, Pre-Close, Post-Close, and Archived.

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at or use the “Send Feedback” feature within the application.

April 3 Update: Pending Payments Improvements and Undo a Deletion

New E-recording Features

Access Pending Payments from Manage Payment Accounts.

You can now easily access Pending Payments from the Manage Payment Accounts page with a new link. With our previous addition of the link to manage your accounts from Pending Payments, this makes it easy to make changes to accounts then go back to work on your pending payments.

Pending Payments now sorted from oldest to newest.

Previously, your pending payments were not sorted in a logical order so now they’ll always be from oldest to newest. Read more…

March 21 Update: Changes to Single File Downloads, Selected Pages, County Queues, and More

New E-recording Features

Single files are no longer zipped.

A ZIP file is created when downloading multiple files. However, a ZIP was being created for a single file as well. As this was adding an extra step, single files will no longer be zipped and will be downloaded as is.

“Simplifile Account Label” changed to “Account Nickname.”

When adding a payment account you have the option to give it a new name that’s easier to remember. This was previously called Simplifile Account Label, which was confusing to some customers. We’ve changed this label to Account Nickname to better reflect what it does. Read more…

January 24 Update: Improvements to Package Details, Added Collaboration Options, and More

New E-recording Features

Multiple documents now download to a ZIP file when using Internet Explorer.
If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll no longer be prompted to install or use a Java applet to download documents. All documents selected for download will combine into a ZIP file that you can find in your Downloads folder on your computer. This change was previously made in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Read more…