September Event Schedule

One of our core values is being local. Whether that’s having local representatives to help our customers on site or supporting and attending conferences throughout the nation.

We enjoy these events because we learn boots-on-the-ground industry insights and get the opportunity to talk one-on-one with our users.

Here’s where we’ll be in September:

9/7 – 9/9: CRAC Annual, Redding, CA
9/8 – 9/10: MLTA Annual Excelsior, Springs, MO
9/8 – 9/10: NDLTA Annual, Fargo, ND
9/8: MDLTA Fall Convention, Ocean City, FL
9/9 – 9/11: Pacific NW Title Convention, Sunriver, OR
9/11 – 9/13: NYSLTA Annual, Montauk, NY
9/12 – 9/14: OLTA Annual, Columbus, OH
9/12 – 9/16: MISMO Fall Summit, Washington, D.C.
9/13: RENO, Orlando, FL
9/14 – 9/16: LTAC Annual, Steamboat Springs, CO
9/14 – 9/16: LTAA Annual, Tucson, AZ
9/16 – 9/17: EAW Annual, Seattle, WA
9/15 – 9/17: NCLTA Annual, Isle of Palms, SC
9/22 – 9/24: DLTA Annual Point Clear, AL

If you’ll be at one of these events, stop by and say hi. We’d love to see you.

You can always find out where we’ll be next on our events page.

Twelve more counties now e-recording

Our e-recording network covers more ground than any other electronic recording service, and we’re constantly adding more counties to our list. These are the latest counties now e-recording with Simplifile:

Georgia – Clinch County
Georgia – Hart County
Georgia – Troup County
Illinois – Bureau County
Illinois – Jackson County
Illinois – Shelby County
Indiana – Rush County
Louisiana – Sabine Parish
Missouri – Clark County
Nebraska – Harlan County
Ohio – Summit County
Wisconsin – Rusk County

Ready to add one of these counties to your list? From the Simplifile main menu, click on the “Counties” link on the left side of the page, select the state, and then click the “Add” button next to the county or recording jurisdiction you’d like to add.

Happy recording!

August 9 Update: Quicker Loan Creation and Search, New Lender Assignments, and Upload More Document Types

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

We’ve made loan creation quicker and easier.
Manually creating loans within Simplifile Collaboration is now improved. When you click “Create Loan,” you’ll now see a new prompt screen with easier data entry and fewer fields. Applying templates is now simpler too, as you’ll only see templates based on the “Purpose” and “State” selected. You can still easily upload your MISMO 3.3 loan information from the top right.

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July 11 Update: Faster Loan Estimate Fee Setup and Simplifying Templates

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

Loan template updates prevent fees from being overwritten and causing confusion.
Lenders are now restricted from applying a template to a loan of a different type. This prevents fees being overwritten by changing the current loan to a different type with different fees. For example, you won’t be able to change a Refinance loan to a Purchase loan. This change counters mistakes and confusion.

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June 27 Update: View PDFs in Browser, Create Custom Reports, Edit Fee Descriptions, and Apply Templates Any Time

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

You can now view a PDF in your browser.
Previously, when you wanted to view an uploaded loan document, you needed to download the file and open it with your PDF viewer. Now, you can select “View” to the right of any .pdf file and open it within a new tab on your browser.

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Our MISMO Summit Takeaways: UCD Prep and Revised E-recording Guidance

This post is contributed by Mark Ladd, VP of Regulatory and Industry Affairs at Simplifile.

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) recently held the second of its three annual summit meetings in Austin, Texas. Four Simplifile team members, including Nancy Alley, our VP of Strategic Planning, who has a seat on the MSIMO Board of Directors, participated in the event. We had the opportunity to connect with a number of customers, business partners, and industry regulators throughout the week.

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June 13 Update: New Reports Option and Quick Loan Search for Collaboration Users

Here’s what’s new in our June 13 update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at with your suggestions.

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

You can now download a variety of reports.
You’ll now find a new “Reports” tab in your left navigation bar. From there you can select from three report types: stagnant loans, outstanding post closing, and productivity as well as a number of date range options.
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June 1 Update: Additional Admin Controls, Improved Document Visibility, and More

Here’s what’s new in our June 1 update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at with your suggestions.

New E-recording Features

Our newest video is now available in Help & Support.
Our 16-minute training video covers everything you need to know about submitting documents for erecording and is now conveniently available from within the Help & Support tab.
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