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Title Company

Improve office efficiency and save money.

Streamline your title company recording operations and shorten the recording gap with documents recorded in minutes through Simplifile.

  • Record documents in minutes
  • Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time
  • Eliminate check-writing expenses
  • Shorten the recording gap

Work smarter with eRecording.

We know that having your time-sensitive documents recorded quickly and efficiently makes all the difference for you and your customers. With the ability to submit documents electronically to counties nationwide through Simplifile’s online service, your documents can be recorded and returned to you in minutes.

The amount of time and money saved with Simplifile stands as the biggest reason title companies and other document submitters adopt eRecording. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on postage, mailing supplies, and check-writing expenses, as you say goodbye to using the mail or driving to the courthouse to submit documents or recording fees; it’s all done securely and efficiently through Simplifile.

eRecording also helps to eliminate payment errors and rejected documents.

Best of all, it’s quick to learn and easy to get started. All you need to eRecord with Simplifile is high-speed internet.

eRecord to gain a competitive edge with lenders.

eRecording not only helps you perform better as a title company and improve workflow efficiency, it can also help decrease your claims exposure and give you a competitive edge, especially with lenders and mortgage brokers.

As an eRecording title company, you can help your lenders, for example, make more efficient use of their available loan funds and become their go-to closing agent. In preparation to funding a loan, their money is earmarked for that transaction, making it unavailable for new lending until the loan is closed, funded, and warehoused. Because a delay in delivery of the final title policy and recorded mortgage can limit the number of loans that can be made in a given period, the longer the lender waits for the recorded mortgage and title policy, the more their credit line is impacted, forcing them to hold off on closing new loans.

By eRecording and delivering the final loan policy electronically with Simplifile, you help your lender customers be more profitable, and your reputation as a prompt, efficient title company improves your relationship with your lenders. Inevitably, you’ll obtain more lender business, too.

Start eRecording today! It’s quick and easy to get started.

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eRecording often takes minutes. This is the best thing that has happened to our industry since I’ve been in the business. It makes life so much easier.
Ron Decelles, President
Genesis Title Company of Florida

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