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eRecording is today's standard
for document recording.

eRecording is the process of submitting documents for recording online
and having them reviewed, recorded, and returned back to the submitter electronically.

How eRecording Works


Submitters electronically prepare or scan, upload, and submit documents through a web-based service for recording.


The county or recording jurisdiction receives the documents electronically for processing.


Documents are reviewed by the county. Should they find any errors, the document will be rejected and returned back to the submitter for correction.


After they have been reviewed and approved, documents will be processed, stamped, and officially recorded with the county.


The county returns the stamped, recorded documents back to the submitter electronically, notifying them that the document(s) have been recorded.

eRecording, the standard for delivering
documents electronically, is available
across the country with Simplifile.

eRecording in

More counties open their doors
to eRecording every day.

With organizations such as MISMO, PRIA, NACRC, and legislations that have made eRecording possible over the past decade, eRecords are as legally binding as their paper-recorded document equivalents, which is why so many counties are coming on board.

Where you can eRecord?

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eRecording Laws
& Legislation

Thanks to laws like UETA, ESIGN, and URPERA, eRecording has become today's standard for delivering public documents for recording. Learn more about the history of eRecording and the laws that have made eRecording possible.

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Benefits of eRecording

Make life simpler with Simplifile

Enjoy the countless benefits of eRecording with Simplifile.

Documents are recorded in minutes.

The biggest reason people have fallen in love with eRecording? The amount of time it saves.

Instead of waiting several days or weeks for documents to be recorded and mailed back to you, you can literally have your documents recorded in minutes using Simplifile…all with just a few mouse clicks.

To eRecord with Simplifile, all you need is a computer and high-speed internet to upload and submit documents to counties. With paperless submission, the county also benefits as they are able to review documents, stamp and return to submitters through Simplifile with little or no delay.

In race-to-record states, eRecording can make all the difference in ensuring time-sensitive documents are recorded quickly and efficiently.

Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time.

Faster turnaround of recorded documents isn't the only way eRecording saves document submitters time. Getting in your car, driving to the courthouse, dealing with traffic, and waiting in line to record your documents every day is…no way to live. Especially when you can do it all electronically with Simplifile.

Everything from extra copy paper to envelopes, paper clips and postage can be avoided as you start recording documents electronically, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually on mailing expenses alone.

You also save time and money by not having to pay for travel time that employees may require to take walk-in documents to the county for recording. Ultimately, the little things can really add up, and both you and your employees will have more time to focus on other important tasks throughout the workday.

Eliminate check-writing expenses.

In addition to submitting your documents electronically for recording, Simplifile also enables you to pay the county’s recording fees electronically through our secure, web-based service.

This means no more writing checks and sending them in the mail where they are vulnerable to getting lost or altered en route to the county along with the paper originals.

Payments are securely processed via electronic funds transfer or Automated Clearing House (ACH), making it simple and easy to avoid payment errors that could delay recording.

eRecording also helps to reduce check fraud by increasing the security of your payment information and sending it directly to the county through electronic means.

Increase efficiency.

eRecording with Simplifile will improve every aspect of your recording workflow and operations. With less paper-handling and check-writing, there is less room for manual, human error such as incorrect payment amounts, or packages getting lost in the mail.

Simplifile also helps you and your staff operate more efficiently as our service automatically tracks all fees and requirements for every document type in every county you eRecord in.

Detailed reports and an archived recorded document history keep your files organized and secure, and enable you to quickly retrieve and print recorded document information, instead of having to waste time thumbing through file cabinets and stacks of paper. Even with the most organized paper filing systems for recorded documents, finding your eRecorded documents in Simplifile is far faster.

The ultimate benefit that comes with eRecording is cost-efficiency. No matter how many documents you record daily, monthly, weekly, or annually, you will save money by eRecording. By eliminating paper, fuel, checks, postage, envelopes, and other mailing supplies associated with recording, you'll see a positive impact on your bottom line.

Increase document security.

eRecording follows the same process of submitting documents for recording that is done every day by title companies across the nation – with one change. Instead of sending the original signed paper documents to the county or recording jurisdiction, they are scanned, sent, received, returned, and tracked via the internet. This change not only simplifies and accelerates all aspects of the recording process, but it’s also more secure.

How? For starters, you retain control of the original documents throughout the entire recording process. With traditional, paper document recording, you release the paper originals to a mail or courier service to be delivered to the county. These paper documents along with your check are much more vulnerable to being altered or stolen en route to the county, and check theft can compromise the safety of your entire escrow account.

Thankfully, when you submit your documents electronically through Simplifile, the electronic original cannot be changed or altered after you’ve submitted it to the recorder’s office, and you don’t have to worry about check fraud with payments processed securely through ACH, or Automated Clearing House.

Thousands of title professionals, attorneys, banks, and other document submitters entrust Simplifile to efficiently and securely deliver their documents for recording every day. You, too, can rest easy knowing you’ll have the security that comes with Simplifile’s eRecording service.

Shorten the recording gap.

For title professionals, a reduced recording gap with every eRecorded document is huge. With eRecording you can avoid the backlog of instruments and indexing delays that can occur with traditional, paper document recording. Because you aren’t using the mail with eRecording, you automatically expedite the recording of your documents, as they arrive immediately in the recorder’s office electronic queue after submission. This electronic, paperless process yields a much faster turnaround by the county, which is usually a matter of minutes, especially for time-sensitive documents.

In addition, your overall closing process will go much more quickly and smoothly, and it will definitely make your customers happier to have accelerated the process and minimized the risk of the recording gap.
Since joining Simplifile over four years ago, my bank has saved about $400 a year in envelopes, checks, and postage that we used to use when mailing mortgage documents to the county clerk.
Roberta E., Consumer Loan Assistant/Trainer
New Mexico Bank & Trust

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