Here are the top six reasons settlement agents and other document submitters choose Simplifile for electronic recording:

speed-icon #1: Time Savings

Simplifile eliminates the time-consuming process of manually recording and returning documents to the lender. Between frequent trips to the court house or post office and waiting on the county to finalize, recording can take days or even weeks.

Simplifile E-recording takes minutes. Simply upload your documents into Simplifile and send them to your county recorder. They review, approve, and record right away.

convenience-icon #2: Convenience
  No one likes traffic, standing in line at county offices, or spending the afternoon writing checks, then stuffing and stamping envelopes. You and your employees’ time and expertise are valuable; with Simplifile E-recording you can reclaim both.
Simplifile handles every part of your recording process electronically. You’ll submit documents, make payments, track fees and requirements, and return documents to the lender right from your desk.
What used to take days or weeks now takes minutes. Your employees will appreciate it and so will your bottom line.

moneysavings-icon #3: Money Savings
  The cost of manually recording documents adds up quickly. Eliminate the need for checks, envelopes, postage, and gas driving to and from county offices with Simplifile E-recording.
By submitting documents electronically, you reduce paper waste and mailing expenses. Plus, Simplifile allows you to pay all associated fees electronically too. You’ll cut expenses and have more time to focus on your business.

security-icon #4: Security
  Data security is on everyone’s mind. Simplifile E-recording gives you peace of mind that your documents and payments are secure.
Unlike a mail or courier service, which is open to loss and prying eyes, documents and data sent through Simplifile are protected by our high security, encrypted, and redundant servers. Since 2000, tens of millions of documents have passed through our system safely.
Your original documents are delivered directly to your county’s recorder without worry of tampering en route. Your fee payments are protected too via the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

morecounties-icon #5: More Counties
  Simplifile boasts the largest electronic recording network. More than 50% of counties nationwide use Simplifile to electronically accept, process, and record documents within minutes.
Whether you’re looking to submit documents electronically to your local recorder or to an office 1,500 miles away, our county footprint covers more than 80% of U.S. residents and the vast majority of all recording transactions. Chances are, we’re already e-recording with your preferred counties or in the process of working with them.

adr-icon #6: Automatic Document Return
  When you electronically record with Simplifile, you have the option of adding free post-closing services that automate the return of recorded documents, final fees, and final title policy to lenders.
Lenders can track the real-time status of the loan through recording and you have a complete record of having sent final docs electronically. The result is fewer status inquiries, better turn times, and improved lender satisfaction.

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