Simplifile for Lenders

Use Simplifile to simplify closing communication and workflow. With our services, you work together with settlement agents on documents and fees, they send documents to counties for e-recording, and you receive final documentation and fees electronically. All data is in one place to reduce errors and save time.


An easy way to work on documents and disclosure data. You have real-time visibility into settlement agent processes. Easily make changes, respond to updates, and manage deficiencies on specific documents or fees. Since you’re both working in one place, you never worry about errors and setbacks from miscommunication.



Follow the real-time status of your loan from the return of the signed package after closing through the recording process, including trailing documents. You avoid costly mail and follow-up expenses by receiving closing and recorded documents, final fees, and final title policy electronically from the settlement agent.


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Thank you for your interest. Simplifile is a service for business professionals who work regularly with real-estate documents. At this time, we do not offer any service for individuals needing to record a one-time document. To do that, we recommend you contact the county recorder’s office directly for instructions on how to submit a paper document.