Loan collaboration and compliance made simple.

Helping lenders collaborate, comply, and stay informed throughout the closing process.
Collaboration for Lenders

Simplifile Collaboration enables you to share, receive, and validate documents and data with your network of settlement agents. Our independent service gives visibility into settlement agent processes and provides a platform for collaborating on fee data, documents, and transaction details. Simplifile allows you to share changes, updates, deficiencies, and statuses within one system, making it easier to audit and ensure compliance.

Over 17,000 settlement companies, ranging from small independent agents and attorneys to large title offices, use Simplifile to e-record documents with counties across the nation. Most likely, your favorite settlement agent already uses Simplifile or can easily get started. When you collaborate with settlement agents within Simplifile, you complete a fully auditable and electronic system from loan application to recording and back.
Features, Benefits, and Specifications
  • Ability to track, share, receive, and validate documents and data
  • Share changes, updates, deficiencies, and statuses
  • Visibility into settlement agent processes
  • Fee data sharing and reconciliation
  • Configurable notifications and activity alerts
  • Complete audit trails and reporting
  • Helps with compliance
  • Complete API for system integration
  • MISMO 3.3.x data standard
  • UCD (Uniform Closing Dataset) XML Exportable

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Simplifile Featured on
Lykken on Lending

Radio host David Lykken’s “Closing the Post Closing Loop” program featuring Nancy Alley, Simplifile’s vice president of strategic planning, explores why working efficiently with settlement agents is becoming an increasingly urgent priority for lenders. With the housing economy’s transition to a purchase market, automating settlement agent collaboration throughout the origination process improves TRID compliance, makes UCD delivery more efficient, and eliminates unnecessary post-closing costs related to trailing documents, re-disclosures, and refunds. Listen to the short podcast and learn what you can do to improve your closing and post-closing processes with settlement agents.