Settlement Agents

Simplify loan collaboration.

Save time and reduce errors while working with lenders on closing documents and fees.
Collaboration for Settlement Agents

Simplifile Collaboration gives both you and your lender a simple way to receive, track, share, and validate documents and fees in one place.

With built-in messaging, you’ll easily communicate on individual documents and fees. Since you’re both working within one system, you have real-time visibility into their processes and can easily discuss changes, updates, and deficiencies.

Never worry about errors and setbacks from missing an e-mail, fax, or miscommunication over the phone.

Simplifile closing collaboration enables lenders to securely deliver loan documents to settlement agents and notaries. Settlement agents then review the closing package and instructions, launch the e-signing portal, and return final documents to the lender electronically. With e-closing system integrations and one-on-one support and training, e-closing with Simplifile is seamless.

Once collaboration is finished, you can quickly complete the process within the same secure login using Simplifile E-recording and Post Closing. Leaving you with an end-to-end audit trail and the satisfaction of a speedy, secure process.

Features and Benefits
  • Track, share, receive, and validate documents securely
  • Live communication and alerts for changes
  • Deliver quick and consistent fee quotes
  • Reduced confusion with lender-controlled fee sharing and reconciliation
  • Live updates, changes, deficiencies, and statuses
  • Configurable notifications and activity alerts
  • Complete audit trails and reporting
  • MISMO 3.3.x data standard
  • UCD (Uniform Closing Dataset) XML import and export
  • Complete API for system integration
  • Free training and support for you and your lenders


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Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing will help your workflow and business relationships with lenders.