Document Builder

Simplifying document workflow

Simplifile Document Builder helps you centralize and digitize document creation and processing.
Simplifile Document Builder

Use custom templates to build lien releases, assignments, and other documents from within Simplifile. Documents can then be electronically signed, notarized, and recorded. Your workflow is customized to fit your needs.

Reduce Data Entry and Errors
Simplifile places document templates at your fingertips and centralizes lien release processing. Fill out templates within Simplifile or automatically transfer data from your document preparation system. Simply auto-fill common data or extract data from the security instrument.

With our robust Black Knight integration, you can import data from LoanSphere MSP® – automatically creating documents and appending data. Look for more integrations coming soon.

Be as “E” as You Can Be
Implement a completely-digital process from document creation to recording. Electronically sign and notarize documents (where available) without leaving the application. E-record the majority of documents and create and track documents where e-recording is unavailable. Notary journal entries are automatically generated for each notarized document.

Automate Document Workflow and Communication
Create a customized workflow that automatically sends documents out for review, signing, and recording. Automated status changes keep everyone informed. After recording, Simplifile generates a letter to let the borrower know their mortgage has been satisfied.

Affordably Grow Your Business
Simplifile reduces printing and mail costs as well as the amount of time it takes to complete documents. You’ll experience faster turnaround times and be able to effectively scale your business to handle more documents without hiring additional staff.

Maintain Security and Compliance
Simplifile templates comply with state and county requirements. Where available, you’ll also have access to a state-approved e-notary process. Reduce the potential for penalties by prioritizing work based on state compliance dates. You’ll have a history of every action for auditing purposes.
Features and Benefits
  • Create documents from templates within Simplifile
  • Reduce data entry by auto-filling common information
  • Search for reference documents in Simplifile’s library (e.g. Deed of Trust, Lien, etc.)
  • Black Knight LoanSphere MSP® integration
  • Upload a CSV or use the Simplifile API to import data
  • Electronically sign documents (in approved counties)
  • Electronically notarize documents (in approved states and counties)
  • Seamless workflow to Simplifile E-recording
  • Document routing and review to prevent mistakes
  • Dashboard with reporting to verify productivity, compliance, and correct data
  • Notary journal kept in Simplifile

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