E-closing with Simplifile

Be as “E” as you can be with online collaboration, e-signing, e-notary, and e-closing system integrations.
Closing the E-closing Gaps

Simplifile closing collaboration enables lenders to securely deliver loan documents to settlement agents and notaries. Settlement agents then review the closing package and instructions, launch the e-signing and/or e-notary portal, and return final documents to the lender electronically.

When settlement agents use Simplifile during the closing process, they save time, increase security, reduce paper and printing, eliminate shipping costs, reduce errors and omissions, and enjoy a single login.

With e-closing system integrations and one-on-one support and training, e-closing with Simplifile is seamless.

Lenders: Request a demo or call 800.460.5657 to learn more about e-closing solutions with Simplifile.

Are you a settlement agent using Simplifile? An account representative will reach out when e-closing is ready for you. In the meantime, let your lenders know about the benefits of working together in Simplifile.
Features and Benefits
  • Notifications when closing docs are uploaded
  • Review instructions and documents online
  • Documents are marked e-sign, ink sign, or not specified
  • Electronically send docs to borrower, often with e-sign
  • Print only docs requiring ink sign on closing day
  • Scan and upload final signed and notarized documents into Simplifile
  • Documents are automatically delivered to the lender
  • E-recording package is automatically created for all e-signed/e-notarized docs that need recorded
  • Electronically record with Simplifile network counties
  • E-recorded documents and actual fees are returned to settlement agent and lender

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