Everybody wins with e-recording.

Immediate Benefits for You and Your Customers

The benefits of e-recording with Simplifile are more than just expectations or promises of a faster, smoother, online recording system. They’re real and immediately impactful. Your recording office will be more efficient and your customers much happier.

The two biggest benefits that county clerks, recorders, and recording offices find with erecording?

Saving time and saving money.

Here’s how:

Automate Document Reception and Return

With e-recording, you automatically receive electronic documents with notification when they’re successfully submitted to your recording queue. After you’ve reviewed and approved documents for recording, give them your electronic stamp and return them to the submitter instantly. No more trips back and forth to the mailroom.

If submitted documents have errors, e-recording also speeds up the process of returning them to the submitter for correction. You can immediately notify them of the corrections needed so they can resubmit for recording.

You’ll never have to worry about the time and manual labor it normally takes to mail rejected paper documents back to the submitter, then having the submitter mail the corrected documents back to you. What used to take days or even weeks now takes minutes!

Reduce Paper, Staples, Scanning, Stamping, and Mailing

By moving to an electronic platform, you avoid dealing with paper originals, scanning them, stamping them by hand, then packaging and shipping them back to the customer. Paper clips, staples, stamps – you won’t need them with e-recording… and we’re sure you won’t miss all the paper cuts.

With Simplifile, submitted documents are electronic from the beginning. You handle stamping and returning from your computer too.

Reducing paper, postage, and other mailing supplies not only saves money, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. Your county will be proud to “go green.” Many of our counties have made goals to move toward a more paperless work environment, and erecording aligns perfectly with their initiatives.

Increase Office Efficiency

Whether working with document submitters in person or by mail, manual recording takes a significant amount of time. For example, before e-recording, the City of Philadelphia (which records as many as 270,000 documents annually) found themselves backlogged with paper documents, taking several weeks or even months to get them recorded and returned by mail to customers. Now they can effortlessly receive, record, and return documents in minutes as they come in through Simplifile.

No matter the number of recorded documents received at your county, the not-so-little tasks add up. Removing paper clips and staples, counting pages, endorsing checks, printing entry numbers on each page, and scanning pages can be deceptively time consuming and costly.

E-recording counties experience less parking lot traffic, too, which also helps to improve overall conditions and county office operations. Naturally, fewer customers will opt to drive to the county to record documents in person with e-recording available. With fewer title runners occupying the parking lot for hours at a time, citizens who come to the county office to fulfill other business can do so without the headache of locating and paying for parking.

Best of all, e-recording with Simplifile is incredibly easy. County staff learn the system quickly and see the time-saving benefits right away.

Greatly Reduce Recording Costs

If your county is facing budget pressures, Simplifile e-recording can offer an effective, cost-saving solution. With our free configuration and setup, you won’t have to worry about getting the ball rolling. After that, it’s completely free to receive documents too.

Factoring in all manual recording expenses, Oneida County, N.Y. found that switching to e-recording would save them approximately $60,100 annually.

The savings on paper and mailing supplies alone are worth it. And that’s the beauty of it – there’s no risk involved by providing customers with an additional way to submit their documents, especially when it makes it simpler and more convenient for both of you.

Simple Payments and Detailed Reporting

With e-recording you can say goodbye to paper checks too. Submitters can make all their payments through Simplifile’s secure system via Automated Clearing House (ACH). No more hand-written checks mailed to your office and processed by your staff. It’s all done automatically through the e-recording system, which reduces errors and fraud.

The customer’s payment information remains protected and secure, and within seconds, the funds are safely deposited from their account (after the document has been officially recorded) to the county’s designated account.

In addition, you can quickly create daily, weekly, and monthly reports on payments and transactions or have them automatically emailed to you to make reporting easy and help you stay organized.

Seamless Document Routing Between Offices

With our free routing solution, you have the ability to receive electronic documents as well as review and stamp them, add notes, and route them between offices internally. Documents are routed seamlessly between the recorder, auditor, assessor, treasurer, or public trustee. Then, when complete, returned to the document submitter automatically. Routing with Simplifile allows you to receive and route documents from any approved e-recording vendor with the benefit of using one system.

Free Configuration

Simplifile’s e-recording service features configuration options and settings to create a smooth workflow that aligns with your expectations and preferences. From creating custom electronic stamps to scheduling reports and notifications to a complete integration with your systems, e-recording offers you a way to transition to a more paperless work environment while keeping the requirements and needs of your recording office intact. You also have the ability to configure the types of documents that your office can receive electronically, as some may require additional processing steps.

Knowing that each county and recording office has a unique workflow, we’ve always made configurability a priority. And we continue to improve the system, giving you all the functionality and flexibility you need to make e-recording work best for you.

Free Training

Learning how to e-record is easy, it’s quick, and it’s free. From creating your account to accepting your first electronic document from a customer, Simplifile’s free training sessions walk you through the e-recording process step by step, giving you as much personalized attention and time that you need.

In person, on the phone, or through training webinars – whichever you prefer – we can help you learn everything you need to know to start receiving documents electronically through Simplifile.

24/7 Customer Support

Twenty-four hours a day, every day, our support team never sleeps. Not really, but there’s always someone here who’s happy to assist you with any questions about e-recording. With a simple phone call or email, our friendly support team will take care of you quickly and professionally.

Get a free demo to see how Simplifile e-recording will help your county save time and money.

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The main reason we decided to start e-recording was to reduce the paper shuffle. We’d heard from other counties how much of a success e-recording has been for them, and we felt it would definitely benefit us. We love receiving the e-recordings. They are right at our fingertips and it takes a lot less time to process the entire recording.
Mary Lee Smith, County Recorder
Perry County, IN
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