Simplifile Stands Out

Complete E-recording Management

Simplifile is your one easy solution for e-recording management. Because we are open to any vendor for sending documents, Simplifile is the only solution you need for receiving, routing, and managing documents for all e-recording submitters.

It’s Free

Simplifile’s service is free for all counties and recording jurisdictions, introducing no additional burden on county budgets or taxpayers.

Work Your Way

Whether you need a standalone system or would like Simplifile integrated into your systems and routed to other county offices, we’ve got you covered. We are experts at integrating Simplifile with dozens of land record, treasurer, auditor, public trustee, and assessor systems, for counties large and small.

Route Between County Offices

Simplifile can serve as your manager for all e-recordable documents. We can customize electronic document routing between recorders, public trustees, auditors, assessors, treasurers, and other offices

Simple Payments

Payments are automatically and securely deposited into the county’s bank account through Simplifile. No more check processing. Plus, detailed financial reports help with reconciliation.

You’re in Control

We give you full control over how you receive documents, when, and from whom. Configure your hours, customize document workflow, control internal users, and suspend problematic submitters.

Save Time

No more opening envelopes, pulling staples, hand stamping, scanning documents, and processing postage and return mailings. Simplifile handles your entire workflow electronically.

Shorter Lines

Document submitters appreciate that they don’t need to come into the county office, and county staff appreciate the reduced congestion.

Reduce Costs and Go Green

Simplifile reduces the amount of paper and office supplies traditional recording takes up. Save on paper, ink, postage, envelopes, staples, paper clips, and more.

Training and Support

Our services are backed by our experts nationwide. Your local Simplifile representative will personally get your staff set up and trained. When you need extra help, our free US-based support team is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Simplifile has multiple data centers, redundant equipment, and storage backups securely in place to protect your documents and data. We make security a top priority.

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The main reason we decided to start e-recording was to reduce the paper shuffle. We’d heard from other counties how much of a success e-recording has been for them, and we felt it would definitely benefit us. We love receiving the e-recordings. They are right at our fingertips and it takes a lot less time to process the entire recording.
Mary Lee Smith, County Recorder
Perry County, IN
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