Settlement Agents

Simplifile for Settlement Agents

Simplifile connects settlement agents, lenders, and counties. With our easy-to-use services, you securely collaborate with lenders on documents and fees, send documents to counties for e-recording, then deliver final documents and fees back to lenders. We offer the peace of mind that comes with having all your communication and workflow in one place with one simple, secure login. Plus, our complete API for system integration, free training, and support, ensure you’ll be up and running in no time.


An easy way to work with lenders on documents and disclosure data. Since you’re both working within one system, you have real-time visibility into lender processes and can easily discuss changes, updates, and deficiencies. Never worry about errors and setbacks from miscommunication.



Easily save time and money by recording all of your deeds, mortgages, and other documents online with Simplifile, the nation’s largest e-recording network. After county review and approval, documents are quickly stamped and recorded for public record. Say goodbye to mail and trips to the courthouse.



Lenders can follow the real-time status of the loan as you submit for e-recording. They then receive recorded documents, final fees, and final title policy electronically. You have a complete record of having sent final docs. The result is fewer status inquiries, better turn times, and improved lender satisfaction.



When lenders deliver e-closing transactions to settlement agents via Simplifile, you receive clear and concise directions and options for e-signing, e-notary, and e-recording. We streamline the e-closing process under one simple, secure login.