Frequently Asked E-recording Questions

I’ve got a problem. How do I reach Simplifile customer support?

You may call us 24-hours a day at 1-800-460-5657, submit a support request here, or email support@simplifile.com.

How long before my document gets recorded?

The best way to gauge how quickly your document(s) will be recorded is to check the average recording time listed on the recording jurisdiction’s information page within Simplifile. To find this, simply click on the recipient name of the package from the Main Menu. This will take you to the information page where the average recording time for the recipient is listed.

How do I add a county?

From the main menu, click on the “Counties” link on the left side of the page, select the state, and then click the “Add” button next to the county or recording jurisdiction you would like to add.

How do I know when a new county or recording jurisdiction has become available with Simplifile?

Whenever a new county comes online for e-recording, Simplifile posts a message in the “Messages” section of Simplifile. Additionally, you can click on the “Counties” link from the Main Menu and all recently added counties will appear with a “New” icon for further indication.

How long does Simplifile keep recorded documents?

Simplifile does not discard any e-recorded documents. After they have been recorded, your documents are stored and archived in your Simplifile account where you can easily access them for viewing, printing, and downloading.

Where did my recorded documents go?

About three business days after a document has been e-recorded through Simplifile, it will be archived in your Simplifile account. To find an archived document, click on the “Search” link from the Main Menu, where you’ll be able to search among all of your documents as well as view, print, and download them. We never discard any e-recorded documents.

What are the green-dotted lines on my document pages?

Whenever a county needs a certain amount of space for their stamp, Simplifile adds green-dotted lines to guide the placement of your document text and signature. If you’re having trouble fitting your document within these lines, you can try to rescan the document or use Simplifile’s “Pan and Scale” tool located near the middle of the toolbar to drag and resize the document as needed.

How do I fit my document within the green-dotted lines?

If you click on the “Pan and Scale” button on the toolbar, which looks like this:

you can move the entire document content up, down, left, or right. In addition, you can resize your document content to fit within the lines or margins by hovering your mouse in the top or bottom corners of the document and then moving your cursor outward to enlarge it or inward to shrink it.

Why was my document rejected?

When a county receives your document, they review each page and go through the requirements for recording. If an error is found, your document will be rejected and the county will include a reason explaining the rejection. To view this reason, click on the word “Rejected” from the Main Menu. You can also click on the package name, then on the document name, and while viewing your document, the rejection reason link appears on the left side of the screen. If you would like further explanation for the rejection reason than what the county provides, the contact information for the appropriate party will be listed.

Who do I call about a rejected document?

If you would like further explanation for the rejection reason than what the county provides, the contact information for the appropriate party will be listed. If you are unable to reach them, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

My document was rejected because the county couldn’t read it. How should I be scanning?

There are three easy guidelines for scanning documents for e-recording:
  1. Scan in black & white
  2. Scan at a 300 x 300 dpi
  3. Scan in TIFF or PDF format