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Save Time and Money with eRecording

Electronically record notices of commencement, liens, and other types of documents quickly with Simplifile. Eliminate check-writing, mail, courier, and fuel expenses when it comes to recording with counties.


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provide for Builders/Contractors

Record NOCs and Liens Quickly and Efficiently

Conveniently submit documents like notices of commencement and liens for recording and pay fees right from your desk with Simplifile. eRecording reduces the amount of time needed to record documents and saves money by eliminating the need for checks, postage, ink, paper, and envelopes.

Custom Templates

Customize templates to build lien releases and other documents from within Simplifile.

More Secure Document Recording

Documents are electronically transmitted via Simplifile’s secure, encrypted network directly to the county. Never worry about prying eyes or loss via shipping or courier.

Detailed Audit Trails

View every detail of your recordings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Configurable reports can be sent automatically.

The Nation’s Largest eRecording Network

Simplifile works with more counties than any other vendor. Submit documents to more than 2,000 county recording offices along with many treasury and auditor offices nationwide.

Simplifile for Builders and Contractors

Learn how Simplifile replaces a traditional recording workflow with simple, secure, and efficient eRecording.

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