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eRecording for Assessors:
An Essential Capability

As an assessor, your ability to receive and return documents in an efficient, timely manner is pivotal.

Thankfully, with Simplifile eRecording you have the ability to receive electronic documents as well as review and stamp them electronically. You can also send documents back to the county or recording office with your electronic stamp and notes in minutes, avoiding paper handling and stamping each document by hand.

  • Automate document reception and return
  • Review and stamp documents electronically
  • Increase security and efficiency
  • Reduce paper-handling

As you communicate between offices internally, Simplifile’s eRecording service also helps streamline your processes and overall recording document workflow. For example, with Simplifile you can convert your manual, handwritten tasks to electronic functions, including electronic stamps for parcel identifications, receipt numbers, and any type of stamp you may need.

We provide a designated area, or text box, to include any text or information that you, as the assessor, might normally free-hand on a paper document.

Most importantly, you'll be able to quickly access the electronic history of all the documents that come through your office recording queue.

Less paper traffic. Increased efficiency. Easy electronic stamping. ACH payments instead of checks. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. On top of all of that, it’s free.

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Our customers are able to submit documents when they have them ready. We also are able to provide a much faster turnaround to the customers. They are getting their recorded documents quickly, often within minutes of their submission to us.
Barbara Levey, Assessor-Clerk-
Recorder-Registrar of Voters
Merced County, CA

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