Experience and Expertise You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Simplifile’s experience and knowledge of electronic document handling remains unmatched by competitors.

With our president, Paul Clifford, as one of the pioneers of e-recording technology, Simplifile has led the e-recording industry for more than a decade and has securely e-recorded tens of millions of land record documents since 2000.

Our e-recording roots have led us to a network of 17,000 settlement agents, over 1,500 counties (more than anyone else), and hundreds of lenders. With representatives nationwide working closely with that network, we’ve learned to develop the best tools for electronic real estate transactions.

Ultimately, working from the ground up with organizations small and large, learning how they operate, understanding their processes from beginning to end, and providing education on the benefits of electronic documentation and collaboration, has made Simplifile’s service not only widely-adopted, but also hugely successful. Our customers love us!

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The team at Simplifile makes it very user friendly… from the startup process to the minute they leave and you’re ready to go. When we started with Simplifile we had one or two documents a day. Then it started to be three or four documents a day. Now we pray everything, please let it come from Simplifile because it just works that slick.
Rhonda Andresen, Deputy Register of Deeds
Saunders County, NE